Trunk communications provide network access to many clients by sharing a single set of lines or frequencies instead of providing them individually thus creating a much more efficient and affective network.


dPMR Mode 3 trunk can offer multiple channel and multiple site trunked radio networks.

This ensures optimum use of the spectrum and optimum density of radio traffic.

The management of the radio network starts from the authentication of radios that wish to connect.

Calls are then setup by the infrastructure when both parties have responded to the call request ensuring optimum use of the radio resource.


IP2AIR offers scanning trunk.All radios on a site listen to a free channel which can accept call requests.

When a request is received, that channel takes the call and all the other radios move to another free channel.

Once the call has finished, all the radios involved in the call move to the free channel with the other waiting radios until they are called upon forcing the remaining radios to move once again to a free channel.